Powerful Features To Track & Monitor Your Assets


YemenTrack provides users with GPS-based location information in real-time for efficient fleet management. A wide range of fleet management features are available, including:

Automatic Vehicle Location
Mapping and Reporting
Vehicle Maintenance
Driver Status
In-Vehicle Telemetry
Two-way Messaging

Offered on a scalable platform, Map Explorer brings together every piece of critical fleet data and delivers it to back-office applications enabling Fleet Managers to make better informed decisions and unifying mobile workforces to improve business processes and increase efficiencies. Quite simply, Map Explorer makes it easier and faster for you to enjoy the benefits of GPS vehicle and mobile resource tracking and Telematics.:


YemenTrack provides you the highest standards services, which ensure that you will receive the latest fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery and asset tracking services.  We are the number one vehicle tracking and fleet management company in Yemen.
Web-based Application

Web-based Application

YemenTrack map Explorer, YemenTrack's flagship product, provides a web-based GPS vehicle tracking and Telematics solution that can be accessed from any Internet-based computer/mobile from anywhere in the world. With real-time mapping functionality, Fleet Operators can locate and monitor the location and security status of all of their vehicles and mobile assets. Map Explorer depending on the cloud computing technics and there is no software to buy or install.
Full Mapping interface

Full Mapping interface

Full mapping interface to various applications including Virtual Earth, Satellite Images, Google Maps, and YemenTrack detailed digital maps. With such Map Explorer and mapping integration you will be able to see your assets globally with just one click.
Real-time notification alerts

Real-time notification alerts

Your drivers or employees will always know they’re safe and under observation when your GPS tracking solution is watching out for their well-being. Real time Alert keeping you informed. Real-time notification alerts when events have been triggered (e.g. Panic button pressed, speed violated, Geo-fence/Landmarks crossing, Ignition On/Off, Harsh braking …etc.). With 5 different levels of alerts you can individually set the configuration to receive the critical alerts for you to be sent via SMS, Emails, Pop-up windows, system messages, and/or Historical alerts report.
Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive Reports

Find out when, how and where your drivers are using your vehicles with YemenTrack GPS tracking system’s powerful reporting features. You’ll have 24/7 access to a huge arsenal of information with reports. Reports include Location, Speed Violation, Landmark, Geo-fence, Millage Report, Alerts, Detailed Carrier Trip, System and Monitors Activity, and many more.
Historical Data

Historical And Real-Time Tracking

YemenTrack GPS tracking solution not only gives you real-time tracking capabilities, but also lets you view a complete history of all tracking sessions recorded over time. This lets you develop trends, track long-term driver performance, and much more. Historical sessions list lets you “go back in time” to any date and view activity for any tracked asset.

International Tracking In Many Languages

YemenTrack GPS tracking solution’s powerful localization features open the door for you to track mobile assets anywhere in the world. Each user can track in his or her own language, and you can even apply your own custom terminology throughout the system. Full localization support transforms the user interface into any language of your choice and enable each individual user to select his or her own preferred language.
A Feature-Rich Tracking Interface

A Feature-Rich Tracking Interface

The heart of your solution is the tracking area, where you have a complete asset tracking toolbox on a single screen. It includes powerful features.
Security That Keeps Your Data Safe

Security That Keeps Your Data Safe

Designed with tough security features built in, YemenTrack GPS tracking solution ensures that your private fleet data is kept secure at all times. Some of the features that work together to safeguard your data include automatically terminate user sessions after a certain amount of inactivity and display any failed login attempts on the dashboard when each user logs in.
Geo-Fence and Landmarks

Geo-Fence and Landmarks

Easily create multiple Geo-fences for area boundaries or customer sites and receive alerts when your vehicles enter or exit specifically-defined playground Geo-fences. Empower your dispatchers with real—time information when a vehicle arrives and departs from a customer site.


Map Explorer provides many comprehensive reports with accurate vehicle location and usage information. The reports are available in various formats. Some of the reports available:
Geofence Summary Report


  • It shows the locations and duration of your vehicles’ movements and stops as well as speed.
Stop Report

Speed / speed Violation Report:

  • Compares all records to a speed value chosen at time of running the report. And which lets you know when, where, and how often drivers have exceeded the speed limit.
Alert Summary Report


  • Which shows you a history of all alerts generated by date range, carrier or vehicle/device (Panic button, Speed violation, Arrive target, Geo-fence “Area” check (in/out),
Approximate Mileage

Approximate Mileage:

  • Which displays the approximate mileage traveled by a vehicle during each session/day(s).
Fuel Usage Report

Fuel Usage Report:

  • Which displays the approximate fuel usage by a vehicle during each session/day(s) based on Approximate Mileage.
Speeding Report:

Speeding Report:Carrier Trip Report:

  • which displays start and stop times and locations, maximum speed and distance covered
Timesheet Report

Idle Time Report:

  • Which informs you how often each vehicle has been idle or out-of-service over a given date range

Mobile Application


YemenTrack mobile apps allow you to stay connected directly to your fleet through your Smartphone or tablet. This mobile application conveniently offers managers instant into the location and status of their entire fleet from the palm of their hand! Existing YemenTrack customers can simply download the application and log in with their account user name and password and whether they are in the office or travelling, they can stay in control. Your vehicles don’t stop when you’re out of the office and your vehicles tracking shouldn’t stop too. YemenTrack offers an application for both iOS and Android-based devices and this application provides a fast and user-friendly way to keep track of your business or personal concerns whenever your computer is unavailable - anywhere and at any time.


  • iOS and Android.
  • Real-time and historical tracking.
  • User name and password registration.
  • Fast and user-friendly interface.
  • Available on Google Play and Apple Store.
  • Alert notification.
  • Remote control (enable/disable engine).
  • Support Arabic and English Languages.


  • Stay connected directly to your fleet through your Smartphone or tablet 24/7.
  • Accelerate a working process.
  • More control than ever before.
  • Practical for personal, asset, and fleet tracking.

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